million dollar idea for a men’s hygiene product: shower helmets for when you see yourself reflected on the shower glass and try to headbutt the naked male encroaching on your territory

Up until a couple of months ago I thought David Byrne and David Lynch were the same person

I still sleep with my baby blankie
To the point where I have to be holding it or another person or a cat in order to fall asleep

Welcome to Japan - The Strokes

You did it alone
You did it for fun
You did it for everyone who’s on the run

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does anyone else think of things in terms of the punk rock timeline. Like if I see a news event or a movie or something from 1979 I’m like ooh good original punk! Or if something is from 1987 I’m like gross. Bad backlash mainstream punk but also Sonic Youth. like it could be about anything and I’ll think about it in terms of punk as long as it occurred from 1975-1990